Useful tips

Useful tips

1. Home Page

Select a main area on the search box in order to adjust the page content (featured properties, recently uploaded properties, local estate agents etc.) in relation to it. If you want to make your search more focused, you can choose “More filters” on the search box.

2. Search Results

On the search results page, you can sort listings according to the attribute you consider most important, such as the price or the size of the property. If you want to change your search criteria, you can do so from the search box at the top of the page. If you desire to see the full details of a property just click on the listing.

Use the icons on a property listing in order to add it to favorites or hide it. You may also activate email alerts or save a search in your favorites from the icons on the right hand side under the search box. In order to use the above mentioned features you need to be signed in with a mytsm account. You can sign up here.

3. Listing Details

On the listing details page you can see more information about the property that interests you. From this page you can contact the real estate agent that uploaded the listing either by filling in the visit request form or by phone, by clicking on the “Reveal phone” button.

4. Visit Request

You can fill in a visit request for a property from the property’s listing details page. The realtor will then contact you to give you additional information and arrange the details of your visit. You may then decide whether or not you have further interest in the property. Use the “Notes” field to provide any additional information that you think the realtor should know about your request.

5. Commercial Property Search

On this page you can perform a multi-criteria search for business properties, such as offices, stores etc. On the right side of the page you can see featured commercial properties, featured estate agents and more.

6. Land and Farms Search

On this page you can perform a multi-criteria search for land properties, such as land parcels, farms etc. On the right side of the page you can see featured land properties and recently uploaded land properties.

7. Other Properties Page

On this page you can search for properties that do not belong to any other category, such as parking space, businesses, prefabricated or detachable properties and more.

8. Entrustment Request

The entrustment request is a request to cooperate with an estate agent for the promotion of a property you own. Whether you finally decide to cooperate with an estate agent and under what terms and conditions depends on your agreement with the agent. Use the “Notes” field on the entrustment request form in order to notify agents of any detail you might consider of interest to them.

9. Real Estate Agents Search

You can use the agents list from the main menu in order to search for a professional agent in your area of interest. After you select an agency you can see its properties in a special search on its profile page. You can sort and narrow down the results here like any other property search on our website.

10. Search Request

Use the search request form to communicate to multiple estate agents what you are looking for. The search request will be forwarded to agents in your area of interest and they will contact you if they have a property that matches your needs. It is advised that you fill in all fields and explain in detail in the “Notes” section what makes a property ideal for you.