1. Introduction is a service offered by the company. The present Privacy Policy agreement covers all the personal information of the guests/users/subscribers, collected by the company during their visit and use of the services/web pages of the site. In addition, this agreement covers all the prerequisites for the collection, processing and management of the personal data of the guests/users/subscribers by to companies that may be linked to it. This agreement does not cover in any case the relation between the guests/users/subscribers of and any other services which are not under the control and/or property of Given the nature and the volume of the Internet, under no circumstances, including the case of negligence, shall be responsible for any kind of damage the guests/users/subscribers might suffer. The guest/user/subscriber acknowledges the present terms and uses the pages, services, options and contents of at his/her own risk.

2. Data Collection and Use collects personal data: a) when the guest/user/subscriber registers with its services, b) when he/she uses its services and c) when he/she visits its pages. The maximum possible amount of personal information asked at registration is: First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Street, Street Number, City, Zip Code, Phone Number, Cell Phone Number, E-mail Address. uses the personal data of the guests/users/subscribers for three general reasons:

  • to informatively support its clients/customers/users/subscribers and to choose the content provided, so that it is relevant to their general preferences,
  • to fulfill the customers’/clients’/users’/subscribers’ requests for the services provided by and via,
  • to inform them about the new services.

3. Correction and/or Deletion of Personal Information gives its users/subscribers the right to delete, correct an/or update their personal data and/or inactivate their registration, at any time, either by simply visiting the relevant service of or by informing it in any way (letter, fax, e-mail, etc).

4. Sharing and Revealing Personal Information

The company is bound not to share the personal data of the guests/users/subscribers of by selling, renting or in any way publishing and/or communicating it, to any third party. may share personal data of its guests/users/subscribers to third parties/entities and/or persons only if:

  • it has the guests’/users’/subscribers’ consent to share personal information.
  • the sharing of personal information to entities and/or persons that collaborate with is necessary for the fulfillment of the wishes and/or filling of the orders of the users/members. The entities and persons who collaborate with have the right to process the personal data that the users/members of submit to, it only to the extent that is indispensable to provide support to
  • this is ordered in compliance with the relevant regulations of the law and only to the authorities.

5. Advertising

If a guest/user/subscriber who is interested in being advertised in, wishes to receive all the necessary information, he/she will have to fill in the relevant application form with the following information: First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Phone Number, E-mail Address, URL. bears no responsibility for the privacy policy of those advertised in it during their transactions with the guests/users of those services.

6. Cookies may use cookies to identify the guest/user/subscriber of certain services and pages of Cookies are small text files, which are stored on the hard drive of every guest/user/subscriber and cannot access any document or file of that computer. They are only used to facilitate the access of the guest/user/subscriber to certain services of and for statistical purposes, so that we can identify those areas in which the services of are useful or popular or for marketing purposes. The guest/user/subscriber of can reset their browser to either indicate that cookies are used in certain services of or to refuse the use of cookies in any case. In case the guest/user/subscriber of these specific services and pages of does not wish the use of cookies for their identification, he/she can no longer have access to those services. may use cookies from Google Analytics for anonymous Demographics and Interest Reporting.

7. Links to Other Sites includes links to other sites, which are not under its control, but under the control of third parties (persons or entities). is in no case responsible for those parties Privacy Policy for the guests/users/subscribers.

8. Subscribers’ Entries bears no responsibility whatsoever for the content posted by the subscribers in its pages. If receives notification that the content in one/any of the web pages it hosts offends third parties and/or violates the personal data of third parties, it reserves the right to immediately and without prior notice delete the relevant pages and/or terminate the subscription of the subscriber responsible for such an entry. This clause applies to texts, photographs, pictures, sound files, video files and any other content the subscribers may post in the above pages.

9. IP Addresses

The IP Address via which the guest’s/user’s/subscriber’s computer has access to the Internet and then to is kept for technical purposes and is used exclusively for the collection of statistical data.

10. Applicable Law

The management and protection of the personal data of the visitor/user/subscriber of the services of is governed by the terms of this section, and by the relevant provisions of Greek Law (Law 2472/1997 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, as it has been completed by the decisions of the President of the Committee for the Protection of Personal Data, Presidential Decrees 207/1998 and 79/2000 and article 8 Law 2819/2000 as well as Law 2774/1999 and European Law (Directives 95/46/EC and 97/66/EC). These terms are laid down, by taking into consideration both the fact that new technologies, especially the Internet, are evolving rapidly and also the existing –although not completely developed- legal regulations about these issues. In this context, any potential relevant regulation will be subject to the present section. In any case reserves the right to change the terms of the Privacy Policy, after having notified the guests/users/subscribers and within the existing and/or potential legal framework. If a guest/user/subscriber does not agree with the terms of the Privacy Policy laid down in this document, he/she ought not to use the services of